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Our mission
Our mission is to always provide the most advanced and innovative green lighting solutions with the aim of implementing energy saving and reduce the carbon foot print in the whole world.

For a very long time, fluorescent lamps were the main choice of lighting for a broad range of application. Now, lighturn T8 products are changing the way to achieve high-quality light, economy and durability, all together.

Lighturn T8 product range represents smart, energy-saving LED lamps for economic, safe replacement of T8 fluorescent lamps by SSL (Solid State Luminaries). Because of their state-of-the-art technology, they provide potential energy savings of up to 60%. Lighturn T8 lamps are designed for impressive long service life of up to 60,000 hours. This makes them particularly suited to applications with 24/7 operating hours.

The lighturn T8 family of LED powered tubular lamps integrates a LED light source into a traditional linear fluorescent lamp case. Its clever design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance which cannot be distinguished from traditional fluorescent lamps.

Lighturn T8 product is the ideal solution for replacing fluorescent lights in general lighting applications and best for applications with long hours of operation, difficult access for maintenance, and where economy and long life are particularly important.
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